Blue Apron Goes Green and Embraces ESG

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How is Blue Apron addressing packaging and food waste in the meal kit vertical? Hannah Koski, head of sustainability and social impact at Blue Apron, joins The Food Institute Podcast to discuss different programs the company is leveraging, its ESG principles, and how the New York-based meal kit maker balances the fine line between providing convenient food offerings and reducing waste.

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Hosted By: Chris Campbell


More About Hannah Koski:
Hannah Koski is Head of Sustainability and Social Impact at Blue Apron, where she strives to evaluate and account for the environmental and social impacts of the company’s sourcing and business practices. She has dedicated her 10+ years in the food industry to developing sustainable supply chains. Her experience spans the value chain, from producer on a diversified organic farm to Director of Procurement. She holds a master’s degree in horticulture from Cornell University with a focus on urban agriculture and extension programs, and directed the nationally-recognized football-field-turned-farm at Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas, which aims to address food insecurity via student-led social entrepreneurship. In Dallas, she has also provided consulting and educational services to promote urban farming and community gardening in North Texas. She serves on The Common Market Texas Board of Directors and as a member of ReFED’s Expert Network, working to significantly reduce US food waste.


More About Blue Apron:
Our food system—the way in which food is grown and distributed—is complicated, and making good choices for your family can be difficult. We are changing that: By partnering with farmers to raise the highest-quality ingredients, by creating a distribution system that delivers ingredients at a better value and by investing in the things that matter most—our environment and our communities. This will be a decades-long effort, but with each Blue Apron home chef, together we can build a better food system.

To learn more about Blue Apron, please visit:
Homepage: https://www.blueapron.com/
Blog: https://blog.blueapron.com/
Blog Post on Sustainable Packaging Goals: https://blog.blueapron.com/sustainable-packaging-goals/


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