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Analysis: Why Has Adoption of AI Been So Slow in F&B?

While restaurant chains like McDonald’s have had notable swings and misses regarding AI, business leaders insist the technology offers invaluable uses to food companies, aiding personalized offers, sales forecasting, and more.

Seed Oils are Under Fire: The Health Debate is Heating Up

Thanks in part to influencers like Brian “Liver King” Johnson, seed oils are considered detrimental to human health. Thus, food brands seem destined to further transition to coconut, olive, or avocado oils for their products.

$1.99 Sonic Boom Shakes Up Value Meal Wars

The so-called fast-food “value wars” are ramping up. First McDonald’s and Taco Bell tried to undercut each other; now Sonic’s $1.99 meal has taken things to another level.

CEO Predicts Global ‘Food Wars’ as Supplies Wane

“Food wars” are simmering, as geopolitical tensions have inspired a rise of protectionism amid concerns about dwindling supplies, according to one of the largest global agricultural commodity traders, Olam Agri. The Singapore-based agri-business is part of the Olam Group, which supplies food worldwide.

Investors Fear Kroger Is Returning To The Old Normal

Kroger stock has performed well in 2024, rising 9% so far this year. But on a two-year basis, the stock has barely budged and shares have faded 15% from early April levels. The reaction to first-quarter earnings last week further highlights the uncertainty: Kroger stock jumped in early trading but finished the day down a little over 3%.

Private Label Growth Pockets in Frozen Food

As consumers continue to stockpile frozen foods, retail operators are leveraging private labels to tap into that demand. Which frozen products are experiencing the most store brand sales growth? FI investigates.

Missing the Mark – Private Label is Failing at Target

Everything is cyclical. There’s a pendulum at play for any brand investing heavily in the private-label game – as more house brands populate shelves with similar names and cheaper prices than their national brand counterparts, public perception of the parent company may swing along with the pendulum; in other words, some consumers may begin to question what they’re compromising when their carts are full of private-label goods instead of the national brands they may have been buying last week, last quarter, or last year. So swings the pendulum as a blade of commerce.

Asian Food & Grocery Proliferates

According to recent data from Technomic, Asian casual-dining chains experienced sales growth of more than 24% in 2023 – nearly six times the average for casual dining as a whole. 

Hummus: The Original Plant-based Dip

According to Brightfield research group, the top need states searched online with hummus over the past three years are functional health, digestive health, and sustainability, while the top nutrition states are low sugar, low carb, and high protein – all benefits from the humble chickpea.


Gone ‘til September: Huy Fong’s Sriracha is Orange and in Short Supply

Huy Fong doesn’t just lead the category in the United States – it by and large created the category over 40 years ago when it debuted its sriracha in 1980, fostering a dedicated fandom that has only grown via endless professional collaboration and licensing coupled with decidedly non-professional experimentation from hotheads coast to coast, kitchen to kitchen.

Private Label Drives Summer Growth

For many major retailers, the latest quarterly results tell a familiar tale: consumers are fed up with high prices, spending less, and commodifying their loyalty by taking the best deal right now, regardless of whose logo adorns their grocery bag or shopping cart.