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Consumer Pulse: Shining a Light on Gen X

Over the next two decades there will be a major transfer of wealth—collectively, around $84 trillion—from baby boomers to younger generations including their Gen X children.

Walmart Commits to Reducing Food Waste

In an era of increased greenwashing and many companies abandoning once-ambitious ESG plans altogether, Walmart appears to be making real strides toward helping reduce food waste, solve food deserts, and burnishing its worldwide brand a little more.

Consumers Are Changing How They Grocery Shop… Again

It’s no secret that consumers are dealing with a lot right now—emergency SNAP benefits ended, student loan payments restarted, and food inflation has persisted—putting many grocery consumers in a bind and ultimately changing how they …

Thanksgiving 2023: Expect Expensive Meals

Food manufacturers have seen their profits fall in the past year, forcing them to pass along increases for raw materials, energy, transportation, and packaging.

Instant Noodles Gather Steam: 5 Popular Options

Demand for instant noodles jumped 2.6% globally to a record high of 121.2 billion servings last year, according to the World Instant Noodles Association, and 2023 marked the seventh consecutive year of instant noodle growth and consumption.

Mallwalking, Food Courts, and Retail Are Back

E-commerce has not only failed to kill the great American retail experience but is helping it thrive as sales associates and vendors large and small are using the omnichannel to attract customers, enhance sales, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Get Rite: Pharmacy Chain Rite Aid Fights to Regain Top Spot

Rite Aid, one of the largest pharmacy chains in America, is facing a major financial restructuring, with plans to close 154 stores. The 61-year-old pharmacy chain recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and named new …

Cider is the Next Craft Beer Movement

Like session beers, Guiver said many ciders feature a higher ABV than what many people are used to (or remember!). “We’re seeing more ciders with ABVs of 7% or more as customer trends change,” she added, “and cider is walking this line of tradition as well as approachability and innovation.”

Caffeine Craze Reaches Chewing Gum Aisle

If you have a difficult time starting your day unless you’ve had your morning cup (or three) of coffee, you’re not alone. Roughly 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine regularly, according to the United Brain …

Top 5 Things Grocery Shoppers Look For on Food Labels

Today’s shoppers care about what’s in their food, and they are not afraid to check the label—but what exactly are they looking for? Standing in the grocery aisle, squinting at the product in hand, there …

Can In-Store Marketing Boost Plant-Based Sales?

As the plant-based industry grapples with plateauing sales at retail, company leaders from alt-meat to tofu are turning a critical eye toward in-store marketing to boost household penetration.

Retail Theft is a Growing Problem – Can the Tide Be Turned?

Major retailers including Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, Walgreens, and CVS have all recently decided to close locations across major US cities, raising concerns about the future of retail in some of the most distinguished business …

How In-Store Restaurants Can Boost Business

The lines between grocery store and restaurant have been blurring for some time now as retailers offer more takeout options for busy shoppers, but the concept can go beyond grabbing dinner while picking up groceries. …

Loitering Encouraged: Have a Seat at the C-Store

The contemporary C-store is not just a place of commerce and connection, but community and expanded food/bev services. No Loitering signs are giving way to invitations to pull up, sit down, and stay a while.

Goodles: Brave New Mac-n-Cheese Segment or Celebrity Fad?

Correction: Gooder Foods notes that the Goodles’ retail distribution is 35,000 distribution points, not store locations. This means their brand velocities are most likely higher than depicted below in the original piece.  If Gooder Foods …

The Secrets to Successful Modern Marketing

Shorter attention spans and higher expectations have made it harder for retailers across the industry—grocers included—to capture the interest of the modern consumer. While it can be tricky to connect with today’s busy, price-conscious shopper, …


Is the Greenwashing Wave Crashing?

In the age of transparency, nearly half (45%) of shoppers have heard of greenwashing and one-third (33%) are skeptical of green labels and sustainability claims.

Top Trends at Expo East 2023

What are the major trends shaping the natural and organic products industry today? The Food Institute checked in with industry analysts on the floor at Expo East 2023 to glean the top trends and takeaways …

Latam Food Week: 3 Key Takeaways from Opening Day

Ivonne Kinser kicked off the inaugural Latam Food Week with a rather bold statement. “When we look at the nomadic [nature of] Latin American culinary culture, there’s unlimited sources of flavors,” the food industry insider …

Three Consumer Mindsets Driving Fresh Grocery Sales

Despite easing inflation concerns, consumers are still preparing 85% of meals at home, which presents significant sales opportunities. In a recent webinar, Circana and FMI unpacked the three major mindsets driving today’s fresh grocery shoppers.

Outlook for Meal Kits Murky

Meal-kit companies are delivering mixed results in 2023. The difference between the category’s “haves” and “have-nots” appears to be widening. “There’s a broad range of what’s considered a ‘meal kit’ today, reflective of rapidly changing …