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Column: Meat Producers Will Bounce Back – Eventually

If anyone needed a reminder that meat producers are cyclical businesses, fourth quarter results provided it. Across the space, profits deteriorated at a shocking pace. For Brazil’s JBS SA, the world’s largest food company by …

Column: The Food Industry is at a Crossroads

Food industry leaders face myriad challenges in the months ahead, like elevated inflation, geopolitical risks, and economic recession. How leaders act could serve as a litmus test for long-term success or failure.

Vegetable Oil Shortage a Growing Industry Concern

Vegetable oil, an essential in everything from pizza dough to shampoo, is in short supply largely because of weather disasters and the growing use of biofuels to replace fossil fuels as the fight against climate …

Unions: Could ‘Sectoral Bargaining’ Transform Labor Landscape?

The explosive growth of ride-hailing services disrupted the age-old taxi industry. Now, the drivers at Uber, Lyft and similar companies could disrupt another age-old concept: collective bargaining. Low-wage workers, including those working for fast-food chains …

Carrefour Aims for Era of Profitability

Grocery giant Carrefour is shifting its focus from growth to profitability – and other companies may want to follow suit, according to industry executives.

International Cuisine, Natural Ingredients Could Define 2023

A new report suggests healthful ingredients, indulgent dishes, and exotic international cuisine could dominate menus in the months ahead. Cozymeal’s 23 Food Trends for 2023 report made it clear that products catering to the health …

New Technology Could Revolutionize Food-Allergen Testing

This article is sponsored and written by Allergenis. Over 32 million Americans have food allergies, including 1 in every 13 children – or approximately two in every classroom, according to As many as 60% ...

Report: Assessing the Post-Pandemic Alcohol Landscape

Consumers are embracing ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails and drinking at home at a significant rate, according to a new Circana report on alcohol. “The pandemic has been a huge influence on the beverage industry. People got …

Are Ingredient Suppliers Signaling Trouble Ahead?

One of the biggest stories in food manufacturing in 2022 was the ability of producers to take pricing. Despite price increases usually in the range of 15% year-over-year (if not higher), major manufacturers were able …

Major Cultivated Meat Innovation Unveiled

The cultivated meat category may have just become considerably more viable. Consider: Foodtech innovator Ever After Foods has launched a bioreactor platform that it said increases the pace of production 700% compared with other cultivated …

Airline Food Reaches New Heights

Airlines are revamping their menus, as business travel is coming back and increasingly blurring with leisure travel, in a trend some call “Lisness.”

Latin, Asian Food Innovation on Display at COEX Event

TAMPA, Florida – A record number of chain restaurant operators, on-premise providers, foodservice manufacturers and others attended the COEX event on March 5-7. Among the food industry event’s highlights: Jack Li and Megan Lynberg of …

Stocking Sustainable Brands is Key to Preventing Trade Downs

The importance of offering sustainable products is hard to overstate — seven out of 10 consumers find sustainability more important today than they did two years ago, and more than half consider it “very important” according to Glow’s 2023 US Brand Sustainability Benchmark Report.

2021 Food Labeling Summit

Subway, Oasis Parks, and Electric Vehicles

As the estimated $8 billion brand is reportedly being courted by private equity firms for purchase, its recent partnership with GenZ EV Solutions begs the question, is this a good idea? Can Subway build enough of a critical mass of oases to make this endeavor worthwhile? Are there enough EV drivers to support such a project?

Economy Inspiring Big Changes Among Wine Brands

Recent financially driven decisions by major wine producer E&J Gallo underscore key changes impacting its industry. In the changing U.S. wine industry, it appears “less” may be “more.”

Report: Latest Fast-Food Innovation Paced by Taco Bell

At 2023’s outset, several restaurant chains have been innovating their dine-in experience to stay relevant and competitive; some with great success. A recent report by noted that some chains are making waves with consumers …

America’s Top 5 Grocery Loyalty Programs in 2023

As food prices continue to rise in these economically uncertain times, value is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds and grocery loyalty programs are more important than ever. But which grocery loyalty programs do consumers value most?