Customizable Multivitamins Have Nutritionists Intrigued

One company feels it found a way to include all the vitamins and nutrients consumers need into a single customizable pill.

Sun Genomics recently launched what it said is the world’s first fully customizable multivitamin. The firm that specializes in made-to-order probiotics has launched Floré Multi-V, which is a single capsule, customizable multivitamin now available to healthcare practitioners, as noted by San Diego Business Journal

A Trend to Watch?

Lyn-Genet Recitas, New York Times best-selling author of The Metabolism Plan, feels that fully customizable multivitamins are likely to gain popularity.

“The theory of targeted formulas has been around for quite a while. I was discussing seven or eight years ago about how the probiotic needs differ, depending on what autoimmune disease that you have. The targeting of the audience for supplementation is going to increase because it’s effective,” Recitas told The Food Institute.

“Customized vitamins have been trendy for a while with brands like Persona and Hum Nutrition,” Ana Reisdorf, MS, RD for The Food Trends, said, adding:

“This is the logical next step in the personalization trend.”

Into the Multivitaminverse

The way the Multi-V works is by running tests to find out what nutrients a patient is deficient in, which helps determine which vitamins and minerals should be added as supplements, according to Then, doctors can submit a formulation based on those tests and assessments for individual patients to Sun Genomics.

Floré’s customized products can help reduce bloating, gas and constipation; relieve many digestive issues; increase food tolerance; help regulate bowel movements; balance energy levels and support immunity.

Why Multivitamins Have Sparked Interest

“A single dose, customizable multivitamin is appealing primarily because it’s more convenient than taking a handful of different vitamins to achieve the same result,” said Shahada Karim, a nutritionist and president of Habibi Body Sport. “Plus,” Karim added:

“It (could) help consumers take some of the guesswork out of their nutrition.”

“Everyone wants to spend their money on products that are ideal for them,” Reisdorf said. “Why would you spend money on something that may not work for you? Also, having to take multiple supplements at a time is not ideal. Getting everything you personally need in one pill is incredibly simple.”

A Trend with Long-term Potential?

As nutritionists gain a better understanding of the individual needs of consumers based on age, stress, gender, and physical health, products like customizable multivitamins boast significant potential.

“I believe, without a doubt, that formulations will start to be more targeted and because there’s so much money spent on supplements. It only makes sense for science to get more in the game,” Recitas said.

“A trend like this is likely to catch on because consumers love the idea of something being made just for them,” Karim adds. “Bespoke products and services were once reserved for those with wealth, power and access. But an increasing number of companies have adopted the idea of customization, and made it accessible to everyone.”