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Why Overlooking Baby Boomer Consumers is a Big Mistake

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The tastes of Baby Boomer consumers are evolving in a manner that defies stereotypes.

“With nearly sixty percent of Boomers using digital promotions, and that usage increasing rapidly – surpassing paper usage last year – (businesses) should focus their strategy on digital promotions,” said Rob Weisberg, president of the incentives & loyalty division at Inmar Intelligence.

Ultimately, marketers may overlook Baby Boomers at their own peril. That was a key sentiment shared by several experts that spoke to The Food Institute for its extensive June report about senior consumers, available to members on Thursday, June 1 (to join FIclick here).

Baby Boomer consumers – which number 72 million in size and comprise the second-largest generation in the U.S. (slightly trailing Millennials, according to Mintel) – boast immense purchasing power. Each year, Boomers (ranging in age from 59 to 77) outspend other generations by approximately $400 billion.

And the Covid-19 pandemic clearly had an impact on Boomers’ purchasing habits.

“We’re seeing a rise in experiential and gifting purchases,” said Lindsey Galey, CMO of Giadzy, an e-commerce platform that delivers items like Italian food to consumers. “Ingredients to make an authentic Italian Amatriciana Pasta at home (for example) – and sending gifts to loved ones in lieu of gatherings. We have seen particular spikes in the use of gift notes around seasonal items – like Easter chocolates, and celebration and birthday-specific gift kits.”

Kara Landau, a registered dietitian and product development advisor for the Gut Feeling Consultancy, said today’s senior citizens have become more health-conscious in recent years.

“With this in mind, developing functional offerings that target specific health conditions of relevance to Baby Boomers consumers is a strategic way for food and beverage companies to … stand out in the market,” Landau noted.

Boomers remain a target demographic for restaurants, especially in the U.S., considering the group is responsible for nearly 50% of the nation’s spending. To win over today’s senior consumers, restaurants need to focus on offering a unique night out, according to Norah Clark, a veteran chef who has worked at restaurants and hotels worldwide.

“Personalized experiences, interior aesthetics, and excellent customer service are crucial for appealing to this demographic,” Clark said of Boomers.

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