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Texas’s First Vertical Farm Company Unveils New Facility

In the Dallas exurb of Cleburne, Eden Green Technology today unveiled a nearly $50 million farming facility that’s unique to the area – a facility with leafy greens stacked from floor to ceiling.

Eden Green had an announcement for the opening of a new, 2-acre vertical greenhouse, as well as the onsite expansion of an additional 3-acre facility. The company – Texas’ first vertical farm company – said it aims to provide “hyperfresh,” locally-grown produce, using proprietary microclimate environments, and hydroponic vine systems that can grow produce 11 to 13 harvests per year and grow 200-plus products.

“The demand for locally grown, healthy produce is at an all-time high,” said Eden Green CEO Eddy Badrina in a press release. “The last few years have seen tremendous investment in the industry at large and in Texas specifically.”

The company feels its modular, decentralized, nationwide “mesh network” of high-density vertical greenhouses will significantly shorten supply chains.

Phase one of the Eden Green’s North Texas vertical farm complex, which officially opened today, was completed in less than 12 months. It’s the company’s first dedicated commercial facility, built alongside the company’s existing 40,000-square-foot facility. The latest structure produces 1.8 million pounds of produce per year in barely 62,000 square feet, making it one of the highest-yielding facilities in the controlled agriculture industry.

Phase two of the Eden Green project, currently under construction, will triple the total production to over 5 million pounds of producer per year. The $31 million expansion will encompass 125,000-square-feet of grow space.

The Texas company said a key element of its overall mission is to increase local food accessibility, affordability, and sustainability.

“As we continue to develop partnerships across the country,” said Badrina, Eden Green’s CEO, “we will remain focused on acting as responsible stewards not only to our investors but our communities and the environment.”