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Supermarket Sales Info Could Give You a Leg Up on the Competition

What type of juice is selling best? What are frozen fruit sales numbers looking like? Which brand of canned corn should we sell?

Whether you work in the grocery sector, the manufacturing arm or the producer side of the food industry, the answers to these questions likely have some relevance for you and your business. Consumers are fickle creatures, and demand is always changing. It can pay huge dividends to have up-to-date information on what people are buying.

Luckily, the Food Institute has a resource perfect for this scenario. Four times a year, the Food Institute publishes a special report in conjunction with IRI Worldwide data to give readers a glimpse into overall supermarket sales for a variety of food categories. In our latest report, which will be available Tuesday, May 24, we cover supermarket sales on the following categories:

  • Canned Vegetables
  • Tomato Products
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Canned Fruit
  • Processed Seafood
  • Dried Fruits & Nuts
  • Dried Vegetable
  • Frozen Fruit
  • Bottled Juices
  • Frozen Juices
  • Refrigerated Juices
  • Juice Drink Concentrate
  • Asceptic Juices
  • Canned Juices

The report uses the most current data, representing the 52-week period ending April 17. The report itself covers dollar sales, dollar share and category unit sales, alongside data regarding the percent change for each data set when compared to the year before. The top five producers for each item type are also displayed, with detailed information regarding dollar sales and dollar share for both the current time period and the year before. Reprinted below is a representative sample of what you can expect in the special edition.

This special report is exclusive to members enrolled with either an E-Membership or Professional Membership. For more information about joining the Food Institute, please click here.