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Starbucks Continues Its Push for Innovation with a… Car Wash?

Starbucks didn’t become one of the biggest foodservice operations in the U.S. by sitting on its laurels. The company is often-cited as an innovative one, with initiatives including new products, expansive employee benefits, unique stores and more. The company even makes agreements with technology companies like Spotify to enhance its loyalty programs.

So the news today that Starbucks and a car wash development in The Green in Beavercreek, OH, was somewhat surprising, and somewhat not. The car wash and the Starbucks location aren’t really related beyond the fact that they will share a lot, but the headline “New $6M Starbucks/car wash underway in Dayton region” was enough to pique my interest.

However, the Starbucks location itself will employ the brand’s newest “imperial” concept, which includes:

  • Freestanding shop
  • Indoor/outdoor fireplace
  • Outside seating
  • Drive-through

In addition, the location will feature the company’s expanded food and drink menu. And if it gets its way, the location will also sell beer and wine, turning it into an interesting spot for those looking to get a little more than coffee at night. It will be the second freestanding Starbucks location in Beavercreek.

So perhaps Starbucks wasn’t all that innovative this time, but it certainly makes for a good headline.