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Retailer Apps Should Target Mobile-First Consumers

Mobile is the preferred shopping method for today’s shoppers, according to the Global Commerce Review from Criteo. As consumers shop, they switch between desktop and mobile and from retailer websites to apps. Mobile transactions are no longer confined to mobile websites only, so the firm notes retailers should optimize shopping apps to maximize sales. 

In addition, matching offline and online data is key to unlocking shopper intent and purchasing power, especially as omni-channel shoppers generate the highest lifetime value in terms of sales. Omni-channel consumers are responsible for 27% of all sales, despite only representing 7% of the customer base. Retailers that combine offline and online data can apply over four times as much sales data to inform their marketing strategies, Criteo reports.

Apps account for 70% of mobile e-commerce transactions in North America, for retailers with a shopping app, with the conversion rate on shopping apps more than three times higher than on mobile web. International in-app sales increased 22% year-over-year.

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