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Millennials Rely Upon Technology for Food Recipes, Tips and Ideas

Millennials are an interesting group, as most grew up experiencing the transition from the pre-Internet era to the social media culture we currently live in. They are thought to be early adopters of technology, disrupters of established marketplace rules, and in many cases, the pioneers for subsequent generations to utilize big data to improve their lives. Being a Millennial, I can attest to the fact that I and many of my contemporaries utilize digital technology in spheres that our parents could never dream of.

So it comes as no surprise to me that nearly 59% of 25-to-34 year olds cook with their smartphones or tablets at the ready, compared with older generations who typically print out any recipes they find online, according to research compiled by Google, Kraft Foods and mcgarrybowen. In addition, we utilize the full force of social media as we share recipes, food news and more via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

But our reliance on technology goes far beyond simply looking up recipes, as many Millennials rely on apps for ideas on what to cook and tips on how to prep food. With all of the information in the world just a quick Google search away, what could our mother’s recipe card collection really hold? We are unafraid of downloading apps to help with their culinary pursuits, and this ability to search new and interesting foods ties well with our tendencies to try spicy, exotic and unusual foods.

It’s doubtful that anyone on this planet is discounting the rising popularity of the Millennial taste, but it’s worth noting that technology is an important factor in many of our decisions, and our food choices are no different. By developing apps, social media campaigns and other technological avenues to reach us, companies can expand their reach with Millennials, and ultimately, boost their profits.

Let’s be honest: we even shared a personal tweet from an astronaut eating lettuce grown in space nearly 1,900 times. We love our food, and we love our technology. By finding ways to integrate the two, food companies can only benefit.