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Events Important in Building Millennial Loyalty

Millennials are more likely to spend their money on intangible goods, such as fun experiences, than previous generations. This trend carries over to the food world, where a study by Eventbrite found three out of four Millennials attended three or more food, wine or beer events in the past month, reported Forbes. Millennials are becoming loyal towards memories gained and shared from experiences they view as authentic rather than traditional branding.

Millennials are looking for authenticity, and 42% of those who attended a food festival said they did so to meet the chefs, restaurateurs or producers of their favorite brands. They seek a social experience when interacting with brands, and appreciate a look at the real people behind the corporate logo.

While Millennials’ social lives are extensive online, connecting with them physically can be just as important. Eventbrite found more than half of Millennials who attended food festivals in the past year posted their favorite experiences online, giving producers a way to reach out to a wider audience by making themselves available at physical events.