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Throw That Cup On The Ground? Meet the Plantable Cup

Disposable coffee cups may be the norm with takeout coffee, but that could be changing. Despite the introduction of reusable cups into the marketplace, most people still throw out their beverage containers when they are done with their coffee. When you also consider that the average American drinks more than three cups of coffee a day, there seems to be a never-ending stream of Styrofoam and cardboard coffee cups entering landfills as trash or littering the street. However, an end is in sight: a California company named Reduce. Reuse. Grow. is trying to buck the trend with plantable coffee cups that have a positive effect on the environment.

The cup is made of a biodegradable material embedded with seeds from the intended market area. The cup can be composted with other produce rinds or it can be planted in your own backyard. The company also contends that cost will not be an issue, as it costs nearly the same as any other biodegradable coffee cup and only slightly more than non-recyclable plastic cups.

Currently, California is the only state with a cup that is ready for use, but the company plans to expand the cup to all markets via a Kickstarter campaign that has already jumped past its initial goal of $10,000. The popularity of the campaign indicates that the idea will come to fruition and to a coffee shop near you.

(H/T Modern Farmer)