Seafood Supermarket Sales Down

According to IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm, supermarket sales for five selected products was down 1.24% for dollar sales while increasing 1.27% in unit sales for 52-week period ending Jan. 25.  Dollar sales totaled $2.28 billion for the time period on unit sales of 1.38 billion. Canned tuna had the largest sales of $1.67 billion, down 1.66% while unit sales rose 1.21% to 1.08 billion for the time period. The supermarket sales category with the largest growth in both dollars sales and unit sales was canned salmon. A total of $226.5 million was sold for the year on unit sales of 82.6 million, up 6.54%.

Clams and clam juice both had decreases in dollar and unit sales. A total of 24.9 million units of clams were sold for $48.0 million, down 3.8% and 2.74% respectively. Clam juice decreased 3.65% in dollar sales ($10.5 million) and 3.71% in unit sales (4.7 million).