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Imports, Exports for Canned Beans Grow

Import and exports of canned beans showed strong increases in the first month of 2015 despite overall volume and dollar values being mixed.

January imports for shelled beans increased 5% in volume to about 7.3 million-lbs. with a 15% increase in dollar value to $4.3 million. The month’s imports for non-shelled beans was 2.2 million-lbs., a gain of 8% in volume from the same month in the previous year while dropping 3% in dollar to $1.1 million.

Three categories of exported beans showed double digit increases in volume and in two of the three dollar values. Exports for dried shelled beans rose 40% in volume and 42% in dollar value in a year-to-date comparison ending Jan. 31. About 3.5 million-lbs. were exported compared with 2.5 million-lbs. in 2013. The total cost was about $1.9 million, up from $1.3 million in 2013.

Non-shelled beans exports jumped 53% in volume to 961,000-lbs. and 38% in dollar to $473,000. Exports for shelled beans grew 14% in volume and 4% in dollar value for the month with 1.6 million-lbs. exported for a total cost of about $818,000.

Imports overall for canned vegetables decreased 2% in volume to 51.0 million-lbs. and 4% in dollar value to about $44.3 million for January. Total exports finished at 35.9 million-lbs. for the first month of 2015, a 2% increase, costing a total $24.2 million, up 1%.