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Gas Prices Could Curb C-Stores’ Strong Summer Sales

Convenience store operators are anticipating strong summer travel sales, led by the continuing growth of food, beverage and healthier snacks, according to the NACS Retailer Sentiment Survey, reported NACS Daily (April 24).

More than three in four convenience retailers expect in-store sales to increase this summer compared to last year, while 56% said sandwiches and meals will drive sales growth and 35% cited healthy packaged snacks. For beverages, 61% expect to see energy drink sales increase and 49% expect an increase in bottled water sales. 

While the average price of regular-grade gasoline in the U.S. jumped 10 cents a gallon since May 8 to $3.00, consumers’ summer travel is not likely to be affected, reported Yakima Herald (May 20).

About a fifth (22%) of fuel consumers say they are likely to spend “much less” or “somewhat less” on typical non-gas household purchases, such as groceries, than they did last month, compared to the 16% who said so in April.

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