Cold Storage Down in February

According to a Food Institute analysis of the USDA Cold Storage monthly report, frozen vegetables and fruits both saw declines for February. For frozen vegetables, cold storage declined 2% to 2.0 billion-lbs. overall with potatoes flat at 1.1 billion-lbs. Fruits were down 5% to 1.1 billion-lbs.

In a special edition of the Food Institute Report highlighting cold storage figures from the USDA, the frozen vegetable decline was caused by drops of cut corn, the highest volume in storage with 424.7 million-lbs., down 8% and corn cob was down 12% to 175.5 million-lbs.

The drop for fruits in cold storage was driven by apples and strawberries. Apples decreased 12% to to 53.3 million-lbs. from the same time period as last year. Strawberries overall held in cold storage lagged 24% for February compared to 2014. About 215.2 million-lbs. with declines seen across the board in IQF & poly of 8%, pails & tubs of 30%, barrels & drums of 39% and juice stock of 30%.

A full analysis of the vegetables and fruits in cold storage can be found here. (Note: FI Membership required)