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$250,000 Average In Takeout Sales Seen For Each Olive Garden

Walmart is not the only competitor grocers have to look out for. When Darden Restaurants reported last week that it expects one-fifth of its Olive Garden chain’s sales will come from takeout as it initiates home delivery, grocery store operators near any of those nearly 850 locations should have taken note.  

That could mean losing another $125,000 in sales a year if their customers decide to have their dinner delivered by Olive Garden. According to the company, Olive Garden takeout sales already account for 10% of its revenue – or about $125,000 per unit.  So combined each unit could average $250,000 in sales for food consumed off premises. Meals that likely were previously purchased in ingredient form or prepared at their local supermarket.

So the prediction by Willard Bishop at The Food Institute Future of Food  Retailing webinar on June 17th that traditional grocery stores will see their share of food sales slip to just 36.8% by 2019 from 39% currently, gains significant perspective.  To see a recording of that webinar, click here.