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Final Cold Storage for December Decreased 9%

Six frozen vegetable commodities in cold storage decreased more than 10% from the preliminary movement announcement for December. The overall change for cold storage stocks of frozen vegetables was down 9% to 2.4 billion-lbs.

Green peas had the largest decrease, dropping 16% to finish with a final cold storage count of 243.3 million-lbs., down from 228.6 million-lbs. in December 2013. Other carrots, with a final count of 180.5 million-lbs., decreased 14% from its preliminary announcement.

Cut corn and okra were each declined 12% to finish 529.6 million-lbs. and 39.4 million-lbs. respectively for the month of December.

Regular green beans and French green beans each dropped in double digits. Regular dropped 11% to have a final count of 182.1 million-lbs. while French-styled declined 10% to 14.8 million-lbs.

The final movement of potatoes in cold storage increased 5% to 1.0 billion-lbs. The final count in December for French fries was 842.5 million-lbs., up 5% while other potato products rose 2% to 188.0 million-lbs.