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Consumer Breakfast Habits Go Beyond the Cereal Bowl

With breakfast and snacking trends both on the rise, convenience store and grocery retailers are being presented with a unique opportunity to drive consumer traffic and interest.

Two-thirds of consumers find breakfast snacks appealing, according to Technomic and The J.M. Smucker Co. in the Smucker’s Trend Briefing. The highest interest in breakfast snacks comes from men within the 25-34 age bracket. Of all breakfast snacks, consumers indicate that they are most likely to purchase fruit at least occasionally, followed by breakfast sandwich snacks, cereal and doughnuts. 

Consumers want to purchase breakfast fare outside of morning hours; as late-night munchies, for example. Meanwhile, a third of consumers usually eat a second breakfast; specifically, male, Millennial and Hispanic consumers.

At restaurants, Millennials are most likely to want to see more breakfast items on the menu. According to the briefing, “snackified” breakfast items include:

  • miniature food like muffin tops, pancake balls, French toast sticks and mini quiches
  • lighter proteins like turkey bacon, chicken sausage and tofu
  • portable sticks, cups, bowls and wraps, such as fruit kabobs, pancakes on a stick and yogurt parfait cups
  • smoothies and drinks featuring flavors from popular breakfast items like cinnamon rolls, French toast and doughnuts

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