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CES 2024 Preview: Expect Big Turnout, AI Exhibits Galore

AI, CES 2024

In a few short weeks, AI will take over the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“CES 2024 will be a showcase of the whole AI ecosystem – from chips, to chatbots and digital twins, to autonomous systems like robots and self-driving vehicles,” said Brian Comiskey, director of thematic programs with the Consumer Technology Association.

“AI is a horizontal technology that cuts across every industry vertical,” Comiskey added, in an interview with The Food Institute.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show – aka CES – is hosted each winter by the Consumer Technology Association. This year’s show runs January 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The CTA expects a strong turnout for the show, with approximately 130,000 attendees.

Exhibits highlighting artificial intelligence will dot the landscape at CES 2024.

For example, Nuvilab, a company that provides food waste analysis and nutritional insights through its AI Food Scanner, is set to present its new Care Manager solution in Las Vegas. The system uses AI to track diets and help manage chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes.

Last year’s CES event illuminated innovations like autonomous tractors and 3D-printed, plant-based food platforms. Next month, attendees expect to see exhibits illustrating AI to aid cybersecurity, AI-driven meal-planning, and even AI-powered smart grills.

“AI will underpin the next generation of food sector robotics, including countertop robots for home cooking, as well as restaurant and hospitality robots that can tell jokes while serving food,” Comiskey added.

The CTA executive also expects to see exhibitors that are developing devices to make food prep more efficient, as well as the latest in agtech innovations.

“This tech category delightfully surprises me at every show,” Comiskey said. “Food tech has evolved rapidly on the CES show floor … to becoming a true farm-to-table display of innovation at CES 2024. We expect to see innovations in precision agriculture, advanced smart grilling technology, and alternative dairy options at this year’s show.”

CES showcases evolving technology from several industries. The annual event is one of the largest auto shows in the world, and the CTA anticipates more than 3,500 exhibitors this year. But make no mistake, the food and beverage industry will have a significant presence at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Unveiled Las Vegas event on January 7, for instance, will have a dedicated tasting area to display food innovation.

“CES 2024 is shaping into a big tent show that will showcase innovation,” Comiskey said.

“Novel advancements in hardware to reduce ingredient requirements, alternative dairy and protein options, and even sustainable waste monitoring solutions to help with cleanup will emerge on the CES 2024 show floor – and play a key role in shaping the food landscape of tomorrow.”

Editor’s note: The Food Institute’s leadership team will be in Las Vegas to cover CES 2024 next month. For more information about the event, click here.

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