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Bojangles’ New Approach Amid Labor Issues: Taking Two Days Off

Bojangles closed all of its company-owned stores today and will do so again on September 13 in an effort to give its employees and managers a “well-deserved break.” However, employees will not be paid for those two days, reported QSR Magazine (Aug. 30).

A Bojangles spokesperson told the Associated Press that many employees have been working overtime lately and that they could benefit from the days off. The company will let employees work additional hours if they want.

“We appreciate everything our dedicated team has done for Bojangles this past year,” said CEO Jose Armario in a statement. “From navigating a global pandemic to adjusting to new safety measures to picking up shifts for those unable to come in for work, we’ve asked, and they’ve delivered.

“But this hasn’t been easy, and we know many people are physically and emotionally drained, so we hope these extra two days off will provide rest and refreshment.”

Bojangles, which has approximately 750 locations, primarily in the southeastern U.S., is taking the step in response to industry-wide labor shortages and “other stresses put on its employees who’ve worked hard through the pandemic,” the company noted, per CNN (Aug. 30).

The company added that it will roll out additional benefits soon to further support the health and well-being of its workers.

Some fast-food chains are making other attempts to attract workers amid the shortage. For example, some are offering free food and discounts to convert customers into new hires, according to a hiring executive, reported Insider (Aug. 22). Others are touting benefits like free tuition, sign-on bonuses, and even free iPhones as they struggle to find workers.