Plant-Based Popularity in 2021

Robyn Carter, founder and CEO of Jump Rope Innovation, returned to the Food Institute Podcast to discuss the popularity of plant-based products during Veganuary. Carter shares insights on why a customer would purchase a plant-based product, ranging from health-focused eaters to social media influencers to environmentally-conscious consumers. Additionally, Carter shares what types of plant-based products will increase in popularity during 2021, what new entries will reach consumer shelves and plates, and which plant-based products (if any) may lose some market share in the new year.

Hosted By: Chris Campbell
Recorded: Jan. 15, 2021
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More About Robyn Carter:

Carter is the founder and CEO of Jump Rope Innovation, a trends and innovation consultancy that brings consumer and category trends together in service of smart innovation. Carter is also co-founder of IT! Factor, a tool that brings social media Influencers together with brands for future-forward research and idea development. Jump Rope serves some of the world’s top CPG companies— including Unilever, Mondelez, and Mars Wrigley—as well as clients in other industries such as nutritional supplements and foodservice.

Carter founded Jump Rope Innovation in 2005, shortly after her son was born, so she is well versed in some of the parent-while-you-work challenges that many are facing today.

Before founding Jump Rope Innovation, Carter’s previous life was spent in advertising, working in both Account Management and New Business, helping to create and implement communications strategies for some truly iconic brands such as Capri Sun, Red Stripe, and Maxwell House. She graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Industrial & Labor Relations.

When she’s not working (and sometimes when she is, as her husband joined her at Jump Rope as Managing Partner in 2018), Carter enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her husband John, five kids, and a dog who thinks he’s human. She loves travel, cooking and fitness, and in spite of her admittedly questionable athletic ability, she’s completed three half-marathons with her daughter, Catherine (all three in her hometown, Brooklyn, NY).

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