A Closer Look at Online Grocery Services

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Online grocery services have multiple components, but which reigns supreme? Brick Meets Click partner David Bishop reviews ship-to-home, pick-up, and delivery services, and highlights the best uses and challenges for each option. He also discusses how the pandemic changed consumer shopping habits and the prospects for rapid delivery.

“I think the value proposition from the consumer standpoint wouldn’t position grocers as the natural place where 15- and 20-minute [delivery] would dominate.”
– David Bishop

More about David Bishop:
David leads Brick Meets Click’s consumer research, retailer benchmarking, and market forecasting programs while also working closely with grocers to strengthen their online and omnichannel strategies. He’s the author of the 3 A’s growth framework that examines how shoppers and the markets are evolving relative to online grocery shopping, leveraging the firm’s Seamless Shopping Scorecard to measure potential points of friction for the customer

More about Brick Meets Click:
We recognized early on that digital would radically alter the future of grocery for one compelling reason: Consumers no longer had to depend exclusively on the stores near them to supply what they wanted or needed to buy – and that shift changed the whole game.

This is why we founded Brick Meets Click in 2011. Since then, we’ve leveraged our extensive expertise in the modern grocery business, rigorous analytics, and demonstrated sense for “what’s next” to help food retailers and marketers meet the challenge of new competition and navigate the profound changes resulting from these disruptions.

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