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Younger Generations Fuel Online Grocery Growth

While online grocery is steadily growing, its pace will likely pick up as Millennials and Generation Z continue growing their purchasing power. Both generations grew up with digital technology, and the vast majority of both are either willing to switch to online grocery shopping or already do so, according to Nielsen’s Global E-commerce and The New Retail Survey. Even older generations are getting on the trend, if more slowly, and more than half of Generation X would subscribe to automatic grocery delivery or order groceries online.

Thirty percent of Millennials from ages 21-34 and 28% of Generation Z from ages 15-20 already order groceries online for home delivery, compared with 22% of Generation X, 17% of Baby Boomers and 9% of the Silent Generation. An additional 55% of both Generation Z and Millennials are willing to try ordering groceries in the future.

More than half of global consumers are willing to give online grocery services a chance, and that number will grow as younger generations gain more prominence, bringing with them greater confidence and comfort with digital options in general. Generation Z in particular will have a large effect on the business as its members begin graduating from college and enter the workforce.