State of the Plate 2015 Released

Produce for Better Health Foundation recently released its State of the Plate 2015 report which noted a 7% decrease in per-capita consumption of fruit and vegetables over the last five years, fueled by a 14% decrease in fruit juice consumption. However, per-capita fruit consumption decreased at only 2% during the time frame when fruit juice is excluded from the results.

The drastic change in per-capita consumption of fruits and vegetables, the report argues, is linked directly to the shifting demographics of vegetable and fruit consumers. The ages 2-17 demographic group was reported as consuming 17% more fruit when compared to the same age group in 2009. Despite overall vegetable consumption trending down, store fresh vegetable consumption has grown 10% among young children.

Overall, the Produce for Better Health Foundation expects that per-capita fruit and vegetable consumption will grow by 4% over the next five years, citing changing life stages and generational effects. The group expects higher growth in fresh vegetables at 8% and fruit, excluding juice, at 9% during the same time frame.

Will their predictions be true? We’ll have to wait until State of the Plate 2020 is released.