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Ex-Trader Joe’s Executive Battles Food Prices with Daily Table Grocery

Trader Joe’s has a long-established reputation for providing healthy fare at affordable prices, but a former executive from the company is taking it one step further with the opening of the Daily Table in Dorchester, MA.

The not-for-profit grocery, owned by Doug Rauch, a former president of Trader Joe’s, has reached the national spotlight. Although Rauch undoubtedly adds to the allure of the grocery, the prices are the real star: some are, simply put, incredibly affordable. Here is a sampling of expected prices at the store, according to Supermarket News:

  • 8-ounce frozen okra: 29¢
  • 8-ounce frozen corn: 39¢
  • Can of tuna: 55¢
  • Box of cereal: 70¢
  • Dozen eggs: $1.19

Rauch told the Boston Globe that he wants the Daily Table to serve a population segment that typically cannot access inexpensive, healthy foods. He wants to be able to sell affordable groceries in communities like Dorchester, but he also wants to provide ready-to-cook meals and hot grab-and-go items at prices that rival cheap fast food but retain nutritional value in a balanced diet.

Rauch plans to expand the project to Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and other cities around the U.S. if the organization is successful. Will it be? That remains to be seen, but with increased demand for sustainable products and the call for the elimination of food waste, never mind the growing epidemic of food deserts within the country, I think it’s safe to assume that a low-cost, healthy food option will have few problems finding customers.