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USDA purchases $54.9 million of cranberry products

To alleviate a glut in the cranberry market, USDA made three separate purchases of about 3.9 million cases of cranberry products for distribution in federal food assistance programs worth a total of $54.9 million. Between the 2014 cranberries crop and fruit still unsold from 2013, the global cranberry supply stood at 16 million barrels (1.6 billion pounds). Demand over the next year is expected to be about 8.2 million barrels, according to the U.S. Cranberry Marketing Committee.

USDA purchased 1.4 million cases of 24/400 cranberry sauce worth about $16.9 million dollars; 471,168 cases of 16/30-oz. dried cranberries worth about $19.5 million; and 2.0 million cases of 12/11.5-oz.-oz. cranberry juice for about $18.6 million.

Deliveries are to be made between Mar. 16 and Aug. 31. View Details