CCOF Introduces New Seal

California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) introduced a Non-GMO & More seal for its certified members. The seal is intended to better communicate that GMOs are prohibited in organic foods and also to recognize the contributions of the organic movement in creating a healthier world. “CCOF firmly believes that organic is the champion of non-GMO and is committed to working with the organic community to ensure the integrity of organic food,” stated Philip LaRocca, Chairman CCOF Inc. Board of Directors.

Organic products, however, are more than just non-GMO foods: the “More” portion of the new seal is intended to remind consumers that the products are grown using enhanced soil health technology and without pesticides. CCOF-certified members can use the new seal wherever they currently use the existing CCOF seal.

The introduction of the new seal closely follows Target’s move towards offering more organic food.