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Weather and War are Threatening Wheat Supplies

Soggy fields in western Europe and drought in Australia, Ukraine and Russia, coupled with Russia’s continued war on Ukraine, are curbing wheat production and shrinking global stocks to their lowest level in decades.

Food Meets Fashion in NYC

On Thursday, May 16, The Food Institute is taking over the headquarters of Hugo Boss in downtown Manhattan to discuss food, finance, and fashion.

C-Stores Draw Market Share From Grocery, Retail

Casey’s and Maverik are highlighting breakfast while Buc-ee’s and Rutter’s are leveraging increased square footage and store footprints to drive sales and steal market share away from grocers and retailers.

States Are Banning Cultivated Meat; Do Consumers Want Novel Proteins?

Novel proteins including cultivated meat, mycelium, and dairy bioidenticals are advancing further into the market, and some state governments are pushing back. A new survey by McKinsey & Company explores how consumers perceive these ingredients—and their willingness to trial them.

The Surprising Strength in WK Kellogg Stock

What WK Kellogg has done in its first three quarters as a standalone business is both an important step in the right direction and a validation of a spin-off strategy, wrote FI’s resident stock analyst.

Ten Vegan Food and Beverage Stocks to Watch

Despite persistent challenges, vegan food market revenue is poised to reach $49.6 billion globally by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 11.8% during the forecast period.

belVita – The Next Billion-Dollar Food Brand?

One thing that food industry consultants learn quickly is that public holding companies focus most of their resources on their Power Brands – the $1 billion+ revenue-generating giants whose slightest change in profit or topline …

Why Hormel Foods Employs a Cultural Anthropologist

Dr. Rodriguez is thrilled to live in a time when underrepresented voices, cultures, and cuisines can easily take the world by viral storm. She’s quick to point out that for many cuisines, blanket terms like “Mexican” or “Asian” just don’t do it anymore – the people, and the food, deserve more.

The Evolution of Ecuadorian Cuisine

When the Spanish colonized a large swath of Central and South America, they introduced new forms of foods, like pigs and goats. At the time, the indigenous land was fertile with crops like beans, avocados, and papayas, but the Spanish felt deprived of nutrients that they were accustomed to. Thus, by the 17th century, the Spanish had imported countless herds of cows, pigs, sheep and goats to Ecuador.

Momentum Building for Grass-Fed Beef

Per the 2024 Power of Meat report, 83% of consumers seek a “better-for-you” option when they purchase protein, such as grass-fed beef, and many brands are eager to accommodate.

KEY: The Startup with Zero Sugar and $4 Million in Funding

Could a zero-sugar energy drink be the future of the heavily saturated beverage market? Possibly. KEY, an energy drink start-up, recently emerged with $4 million in funding, according to an article by AFN. The start-up, …

What’s Playing? The Role of Music in Retail

“The power of audio in retail goes beyond just music,” Elsley said. “Incorporating carefully crafted messaging and advertisements into the auditory experience can further enhance customer engagement and drive sales.”


How Much Does Sustainability Influence Consumer Shopping Habits?

Consumers in the U.S. and Canada say that they are willing to pay more for products that practice eco-friendly sustainability and ethics in their development, packaging, and sale of products, particularly around animal cruelty and ocean pollution.

The Summer of Swicy

Asian cuisines like Thai, Korean, and Chinese have long used swicy foods as an enticing way to attract new and long-time patrons, and many mainstream and fusion restaurants are combining classic American fare with these staple flavors from across the world.

Kombucha: An Ancient Elixir Finds Modern Appeal

The origins of kombucha are shrouded in legend, and the drink’s murky beginnings remained in relative obscurity—at least to western palates—until its rediscovery in the 20th century in something of a cultural phenomenon.

Tequila is Sweet, Smoky, and Everywhere

For many, what began as a collegiate shot has now transformed into an at-home staple, a favorite party mixer, and a ready-to-drink refrigerated option. Tequila continues to capture consumers wherever and however they drink as …

Alcohol-Related Liver Disease Increasing Sharply Among Women

“Was it the six-pack of wine called ‘Mommy’s Little Helper?’ Or ‘Mommy’s Time Out’ wine? Was it the funny phrase, ‘The most expensive part of having kids is all the wine you have to drink?’ The clothes and other goodies branded with, ‘Who is moderation?’ or ‘This is how you adult?’ Our society thinks it’s funny when women drink heavily,” Pengov said.

Is the Future of Retail Bionic?

As more work is being published (and more health-focused products manufactured) to improve health and happiness, we may be entering an era in which the average human life can not only be improved, but extended. Are store managers ready for what that means?