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Cybersecurity in Food Manufacturing: Ransomware Threats

Cybersecurity attacks on manufacturers’ systems, equipment, and technology are trending up — and more likely today than ever, ransomware is the culprit. Is your food and beverage company at risk? According to Statista, manufacturing experienced ...

Walmart Eyes Guatemala, Costa Rica

Central America’s burgeoning population is proving an attractive target for Walmart, which announced its plans to invest $1.3 billion in Guatemala and Costa Rica in the next five years. Cristina Ronski, who heads up the …

Drinks Catering to Gen Z Steal the Show in Chicago

The event’s exhibitors focused on foods, drinks, and equipment designed to help foodservice operators create unique taste experiences. Beyond offering crave-worthy fusion dishes and fun iced beverages, exhibitors offered a wide array of vending machines on the show floor.

Three Key Trends from NRA 2024

The food-away-from home industry gathered in Chicago between May 18 and May 21 for the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show (NRA 2024).

Bold BBQ Sauce Flavors Winning Over Consumers

Barbecue sauce is ubiquitous in retail and many brands want in on the party. The battle for the barbecue-sauce dollar has inspired brands to get creative, often taking spiciness to the next level.

Consumers Have Forced the Value Wars

Food prices are up; consumer confidence is down. Many QSRs and retail outlets reported losses in the last quarter. The Value Wars are here.

Key Takeaways from The NGA Show 2024: Improving Shopper Experience

Shopper experience in the physical store is often what truly differentiates the independent grocer from brick-and-mortar chain stores and online e-commerce competitors like Amazon.  The right mix of products, priced right, offered in the right place, and services delivered by welcoming staff in a pleasant environment are essential to building sales and customer loyalty.

Behold, ‘Kitchen Table Travelers’: Ajvar Is Spreading

Ajvar is a Yugoslavian relish that became popular after World War II. Made primarily from sweet bell peppers and eggplants, ajvar can be sweet (traditional), piquant (common), or scorching hot. Ajvar can be spread on bread or enjoyed as a side dish due to its thicker and more viscous texture.

Ask an Athlete: Building Strength with Plant-Based Protein

Olympic cyclist Dotsie Bausch wants to set the record straight: Building strength with plant-based protein is a very accessible goal. Consuming plenty of vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains is sufficient — the key is eating enough to fuel the body.


Weather and War are Threatening Wheat Supplies

Soggy fields in western Europe and drought in Australia, Ukraine and Russia, coupled with Russia’s continued war on Ukraine, are curbing wheat production and shrinking global stocks to their lowest level in decades.

Food Meets Fashion in NYC

On Thursday, May 16, The Food Institute is taking over the headquarters of Hugo Boss in downtown Manhattan to discuss food, finance, and fashion.

C-Stores Draw Market Share From Grocery, Retail

Casey’s and Maverik are highlighting breakfast while Buc-ee’s and Rutter’s are leveraging increased square footage and store footprints to drive sales and steal market share away from grocers and retailers.

States Are Banning Cultivated Meat; Do Consumers Want Novel Proteins?

Novel proteins including cultivated meat, mycelium, and dairy bioidenticals are advancing further into the market, and some state governments are pushing back. A new survey by McKinsey & Company explores how consumers perceive these ingredients—and their willingness to trial them.

The Surprising Strength in WK Kellogg Stock

What WK Kellogg has done in its first three quarters as a standalone business is both an important step in the right direction and a validation of a spin-off strategy, wrote FI’s resident stock analyst.

Ten Vegan Food and Beverage Stocks to Watch

Despite persistent challenges, vegan food market revenue is poised to reach $49.6 billion globally by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 11.8% during the forecast period.