Food Label Review – Class Action Risk Analysis


What makes our service different?

– Your labels will be reviewed by lawyers specializing in implementation of FDA nutrition labeling regulations and disputes involving food labeling and advertising claims.

– We offer an assessment of your class action lawsuit risk from your label claims.

– We have a comprehensive knowledge of labeling regulations and can make sure your labels comply with the latest laws, including the new Nutrition Facts panel and other updates.

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The Food Institute and OFW Law Offer Two Label Review Services

Class Action Risk Analysis Service

Our first service is a Class Action Risk Analysis. This service reviews potential liability from the use of food and drink label claims not defined by FDA such as “Natural,” “Handcrafted,” “Made with Whole Wheat,” “Contains Real Fruit,” “Wholesome,” “100% Pure,” ”0 added sugars,” etc. The service provides companies with a detailed Risk Analysis identifying threats from Plaintiff class action attorneys who have challenged such claims under varying circumstances.*

Class actions against food label claims typically begin with a letter from a Plaintiff’s attorney to a food company demanding changes to the label in addition to monetary damages and attorneys’ fees. Some class action cases have forced companies to agree to settlements exceeding $10 million! Companies who choose to fight such allegations have at times been vindicated in court, but only after costly litigation.

The Food Institute and OFW Law can help companies reduce their risk of such outcomes by identifying trending claims that trigger demand letters and litigation. As a firm staffed with attorneys highly knowledgeable about trends in food labeling class action cases, OFW Law can help provide comprehensive risk reduction advice that companies need to mitigate potential liability in today’s legal environment.

The price for a detailed risk analysis starts at $895 per label. This service is available to purchase above. A printed copy of all sides of your label must be submitted by mail.**

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Basic Label Review Service

This food label review service is appropriate for companies simply wanting to ensure compliance with basic FDA requirements, such as the Nutrition Facts panel. As a law firm specializing in regulatory reviews, OFW can promptly advise companies whether their label complies with basic FDA regulations, including nutrition labeling, ingredient labeling, statement of identity, net weight, and name and address of manufacturer/distributor requirements.

The price for a review is $495 per label (responses to follow-up questions will be billed separately). To purchase this service, please click here. An instruction guide on how to submit your label will be available for download upon purchase. A printed copy of all sides of your label must be submitted by mail.**

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*The FDA does not approve food labels prior to marketing. FI/OFW Law label reviews are advisory and do not constitute legal conclusions.

**This enables the reviewers to assess the size of the PDP (which determines minimum contents letter heights), the area of the label (which bears upon the requisite Nutrition Facts panel format and minimum font sizes), and the type/font sizes of mandatory information (for which minumums are prescribed by FDA regulations).