Food Institute's Almanac Series

This exclusive biennial series follows important market trends, gathering information from numerous sources to determine past market trends, while arming you with information to forecast such key factors as pricing and production for the commodities that impact your business - regardless of your place in the food chain.  No need to waste valuable time compiling statistics from dozens of sources - it's all here in easy to use reference guides you'll refer to time and time again!

From sourcing decisions, defining target markets, import and export strategies and everything in between, this volume of information - compiled by and unique to FI - allows you to make key strategic decisions and economic impact forecasts for your business based on past trends.

These essential reference reports present five-year time series data covering information from production through consumption - compiled and analyzed in a format not available anywhere else!

A variety of data is included, such as acreage and production, as well as imports and exports, USDA purchases, supermarket sales and consumption.  Each report contains exclusive Food Institute price trend data collected directly from industry sources as well as U.S. Census Bureau data.


Almanac of Juice Products
(144 pages, published 2013)

Almanac of Dried Fruits and Nuts
(218 pages, published 2012)

Almanac of Tomato Products
(90 pages, published 2012)

Almanac of Frozen Vegetables
(178 pages, published 2012)

Almanac of Canned Vegetables
(155 pages, published 2012)

Almanac of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
(506 pages, published 2012)

Almanac of Processed Fish & Shellfish
(163 pages, published 2011)

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