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The Real Cost Of Menu Labels for Supermarkets & Restaurants


Recorded Feb. 5, 2015

FDA projects that the new final rules for menu labeling at restaurants, grocery stores, and vending machines will come with a price tag of between $111 million and $118 million a year in its 395-page regulation. And you will have to understand these new rules rather quickly as retail establishments have only until Dec. 1, 2015 when they become effective. Some of the costs involved will be lab testing for products that must be labeled, creating new menus and product labels, employee training and ongoing recordkeeping.

Even FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg commented that the rule “isn’t simple and straightforward,” in a conference call following the release. Many in the industry are not only concerned about the complexities but also the speed at which they must now act.


Bob Hahn from OFW Law will review the rules from a legal perspective, explaining the various intracacies of what are being called “onerous” regulations. 

Christie Cooney, Director, Merchandising & Online Marketing and Steve Lemley VP Marketing of CKE Restaurants Inc., will review the rules from a restaurant chain perspective. 

There will also be a Q&A segment at the end of the presentation in which the panelists will address your questions and concerns.

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