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Food Business Mergers & Acquisitions 2013

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The Food Institute's comprehensive Food Business Mergers & Acquisitions 2013 provides detailed analysis on the 311 mergers and acquisitions recorded in 2013. Organized into over 25 categories, the Food Business Mergers & Acquisitions 2013 guide is a valuable resource for examining individual deals as well as exploring larger trends in specific industries or international markets. With consolidation a powerful force in the food industry, a lack of awareness of market trends and contemporary acquisitions may result in lost opportunities or a mismanaged deal. With the Food Business Mergers & Acquisitions 2013 book, one gains a better understanding of the current climate for mergers and acquisitions and a greater perspective of segments within the food industry.

Separated into completed acquisitions and those that remain unfinished, the Food Business Mergers & Acquisitions 2013 guide examines the progress of a deal, giving a look into why some deals were successful, why the parties involved may have experienced difficulty in closing the deal, why some offers were rescinded and why some deals ended with differences that could not be reconciled.

The Food Institute's Food Business Mergers & Acquisitions 2013 book offers many things to many readers; for the multinational corporation, the book can provide information on increased activity in certain regions or industries that may give one corporation an advantage over another; for the small business, the book will present useful information on a variety of deals and better prepare a company for a merger if the opportunity arises; and for anyone interested in M&A activity within the industry, the Food Business Mergers & Acquisitions 2013 book offers an up-to-date, all-inclusive glimpse into the many deals that defined mergers and acquisitions in 2013 as well as what may follow in 2014.

A CD containing an Excel file of the data can be purchased along with the book, enabling you to sort the data in a variety of ways to suit your research needs.

Categories Tracked in 2013:

  • Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Food Processors:
    • Bakers
    • Brewers, Distillers, Wineries
    • Confectioners
    • Consultants & Other Service Providers
    • Meat Processors
    • Dairy Processors
    • Fruit and Vegetable Processors
    • Snack Food Processors
    • Poultry Processors
    • Multi-Product Processors
    • Other Processors
  • Investment Firms and Banks
  • Packaging and Equipment Suppliers
  • Raw Product & Ingredient Suppliers
  • Restaurants
  • Foodservice Distributors
  • Soft Drink/Water/Juice - Bottlers & Manufacturers
  • Retailers:
    • Supermarkets
    • Convenience Stores
    • Other Retailers
  • Grocery Wholesalers
  • Diversified Firms with Food Industry Interests
  • Unclassified

Please Note: Previous editions of this publication are available back to the early 1980's! Call 201-791-5570 ext. 210 for pricing and availability.

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