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New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJEMP)



A Special Membership Benefit From Your Association!

In an increasingly competitive industry, more and more members are asking their associations for services and solutions to help them remain successful. The Food Institute delivers insights on new products, crop markets, legislation, customer demographics, mergers, food industry statistics, competitors and market trends and more! And your Association gives its members access to our exclusive information for just $795 a year (a $200 savings).

Look what's included:

  • The Food Institute Report - widely known as the most reputable, unbiased reports available to the food and food-related industries.
  • Today In Food - actionable food industry news, culled from hundreds of sources, delivered to your desktop each day.
  • Access to - your own research library on your desktop!
  • Personalized Service - our trained food industry analysts, real people who can help track down a multitude of information requests, are always available to assist you.
  • A Vast Array of Tools - a wide variety of highly respected reports, studies and webinars that will: help with marketing plans, simplify compliance with regulations and provide a comprehensive collection of commodity data.
  • A Member Profile - featured prominently in both the Food Institute Report and Today In Food.
  • Rewards Card- save 15% or more on other Food Institute products 

For close to 90 years, The Food Institute has been the first place to look for the latest information about your customers, your suppliers and your competitors. Our information and expertise help thousands of executives like you make the right decision at the right time. The Food Institute will be your best "single source" for current, timely and relevant information about the food industry, saving you time and money.  So Why Wait? 

If you have any questions or need more information call April Brendel 201-791-5570 ext. 218.

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