The Food Institute Summit Series

2022 Food Labeling Summit

3 Day Virtual Training Seminar  |  September 20th-22nd 2022

Join us for The Food Institute’s /OFW Law’s 2022 Food Labeling Summit.

Attendees will first learn the basics of FDA’s and USDA’s food labeling requirements, including mandatory label disclosures and rules for authorized food labeling claims (such as low fat, healthy, gluten-free, organic). Requirements for GE labeling and country of origin labeling will also be reviewed.

The summit will next cover the murky area of undefined claims such as natural, artisan, handcrafted, wholesome, made with “real” ingredients, and others. Special attention will be given to lawsuits brought by class action attorneys.

The summit will end with a series of special discussions devoted to carbon labeling, naming of plant-based animal alternatives, front-of pack nutrition symbols, evolution of clean labeling, amendments to standards of identify, and future trends and developments.

Who Should Attend

  • Food and Beverage Industry Professionals


  • Food Manufacturers


  • Retail Executives


  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals


  • Quality Assurance VPs


  • Food Marketers

Why You Should Attend

  • Best-In-Class Instruction – Training from one of the top

    food labeling experts in the country.


  • Online access – This year’s labeling event will again be

    held virtually, making it easier than ever to attend.


  • Replay on-demand – You will have the

    option to attend live or on-demand.



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Food Labeling – The Basics – Mandatory Requirements

Sept. 20 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM (ET)

What must appear on all food labels and rules for nutrition and health claims. The Basics is a soup to nuts session detailing mandatory labeling requirements that all food companies must comply with including the name of the product, net weight, name and address of manufacturer, ingredient labeling and nutritional labeling. Learn about FDA rules for nutrition and health claims. Get your product on the market now and know that you are in compliance with all of FDA’s basic requirements.

Food Labeling Claims and Class Action Lawsuits

Sept. 21 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (ET)

What you should and should not risk saying on a food label. This session will cover what other statements and claims can be made on food labels including natural, wholesome, handcrafted, made with real fruit, and other claims that are not specifically addressed by FDA rules and that may become the target of class action attorneys. Examine real case studies and avoid the class action trap.

Food Labeling Trends and New Developments

Sept. 22 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM (ET)

Including a review of carbon labeling, the evolution of clean labels, choosing names for plant & cell-based foods, front of pack nutrition symbols, and the food labeling frontier — the future of the food label. Standards of identity revisions, and changes to allergen labeling will also be discussed. Learn about the newest food labeling developments and trends in these and other areas.

Main Presenter

Bruce Silverglade

Principal at OFW Law

Bruce Silverglade is a principal at OFW Law. His practice includes tracking food labeling trends, resolution of competitive disputes involving food labeling and advertising claims, proactive responses to FDA regulatory proposals, management of class action lawsuits, FDA and FTC enforcement actions challenging food labeling and advertising claims, and implementation of food labeling regulations.

Bruce has extensive experience with such issues on both the national and international levels working with top officials at FDA, FTC, USDA, the Canadian government, the Japanese government, the European Commission, and international agencies including the Codex Alimentarius Commission and the World Health Organization. He speaks and lectures extensively on such issues and is often quoted in the media as a recognized expert in the field.


Guest Presenters

Carlos F. Ramirez

Principal, Reese LLP

Session 2 – Food Labeling Claims and Class Action Lawsuits

Mr. Ramirez is based in New York, and he focuses his practice on the litigation of consumer class actions. Prior to entering private practice in 2001, Mr. Ramirez served as an Assistant District Attorney at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office where he served as a trial attorney prosecuting both violent and white-collar crimes. Mr. Ramirez is a member of the state bars of New York and New Jersey. He is also a member of the bars of the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern District of New York and Southern District of New York. Mr. Ramirez received his juris doctorate from the Fordham University School of Law in 1997 and his bachelor’s degree from CUNY-John Jay College in 1994.

Carlos F. Ramirez

Eva Greenthal

Senior Science Policy Associate, CSPI

Session 3 – Trends and New Developments

Eva Greenthal is a Senior Science Policy Associate at Center for Science in the Public Interest, where she advocates for policies to promote public health by improving the health and safety of the U.S. food supply. Her work at CSPI focuses on food labeling, scientific integrity, biotechnology, and more. Prior to joining CSPI, Eva led a pilot evaluation of the nation’s first hospital-based food pantry and worked on research initiatives related to alcohol literacy and healthy habits for young children. Eva holds a dual MS/MPH degree in Food Policy and Applied Nutrition from Tufts University and a BA in Environmental Studies from University of Michigan.